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i hope i am putting this in the right place. Ajmo is known as cilantro as far as i know.

Hi Spundun,

Thanks for your message.

I spent 4 years in India, including 3 years in Gujarat, and I got married there ;o). So I speak Hindi quite fluently, but reading, and of course, writing is still a challenge for me. And for Gujarati, I am only a beginnner.

For my first lessons, I will try some pages on the Gujarati dictionary. Yann 14:19, 19 Sep 2004 (UTC)


Administrator[ફેરફાર કરો]

Hello Spundun, you are now an administrator. Please create a page for this wiki explaining what administrators are, and list yourself there. There are instructions on how to use your administrator powers in the administrators' how-to guide on the English Wikipedia and I'm sure Hemanshu will be able to give you any advice you need. If you have any problems, let me know on my talk page at en, or leave a note on m:Requests for permissions. Good luck. Angela 19:12, 26 Sep 2004 (UTC)


Cilantro is in Gujarati = to Kothmir (Lili Kothmir je Zudi ma male che te)

[ફેરફાર કરો]

Hi Spundun,

I wanted to make the logo for the Gujarati wikipedia. For that I'll need the following translation:

the free encyclopedia ("free" as in "freedom", not as in "no-cost")

best, Node /talk

Oh, also, a note: you might want to try to model the gu: mainpage after these: 1 2

Of course it will use Template:WikipediaTOC (Template:WikipediaTOC), which you can copy from here and translate.

--Node /talk

Hi Node ue,
Thanx for helping out.
Wikipedia: The transliteration is "વિકિપીડિયા" another alternative that I am toying with is "વિકિકોષ" which is a translation. If you want to make only one logo... make with the first alternative.. if you feel like it making 2 logos will be great.
Wikipedia: The free encyclopedia
will be translated to
"વિકિપીડિયા: મુક્ત વિશ્વજ્ઞાનકોષ"
"વિકિકોષ: મુક્ત વિશ્વજ્ઞાનકોષ"
quotes are added to delimit the text.
--સ્પંદન (Spundun) 05:51, 2 Oct 2004 (UTC)

user interface[ફેરફાર કરો]

Hi spundun,

if I may make a recommendation:

I think it is best when you translate the user interface to do the most visible parts first, such as "community portal", "current events", "recent changes", "random page", "discussion", "edit", "edit this page", "editing ____", "history", "move", "watch", "delete", "my talk", "preferences", "my watchlist", "my contributions", "log out", "log in", "about wikipedia", etc.

best, node

Thanks Spundun[ફેરફાર કરો]

Hi Spundun. Added couple of more links in college and university section. Thanks for ur help with difficult words. Now I am able to write better gujarati and one more thing that i have made translation of every words in navigation page. let me know, how i can change those words. Regards, Naman.

Kanaiyalaal Munshi[ફેરફાર કરો]

Thanks for writing about Kanaiyaalaal Munshi. Keep up the good work. :) --Hemanshu ૦૮:૧૧, ૧૧ Nov ૨૦૦૪ (UTC)

Hi Spundun,

I am new to Wikipedia Gujarati and would like to contribute. I need help with navigation and linking. I have my own first ever Gujarati blog http://sv.typepad.com/guju/ and can post a lot of stuff on Wikipedia. But I need help with that, please email me at for_blog@yahoo.com

I have already posted 2 poems but am not sure what I did was correct or not. I would like to create a link of what I add to kavita section. Also a link to the poets and the poem titles.


User forsv (11th February 2005)

Key to spell your name without pronounciation irregularities[ફેરફાર કરો]

Hi Spandan,

Tari vyathat samji saku chu ..

I guess this is the thing you wanted.


Please read the article and you will find the correct pronounciation key.

In your case it will be spɘndɘn , here the 'a' only vowel in your name iss represented by unicode IPA char 0259.

In case you want any further help bug me at samyak dot bhuta atTheRate wipro dot com.

I have written my email name in sucha way that no spammer can find it , please make app correction.

Pls mention your identity.

halo tyare ...


About the esperanto image of Ahmedabad (iirc)[ફેરફાર કરો]

Tio estas foto farita de mi mem unu dimanĉo matene en marto 1996. That is a photograph that I myself made some sunday morning in march 1996. If you want to know wether it has copyright, conforming GNU copyleft culture it has not, I only desire that if tou use it you mention that It is by me and is GNU FDL. Se vi deziras ekscii ĉu estyas kopirajto, kongrue kun la GNU kulturo ĝas ne havas, Mi nue petas, ke se vi uzas ĝin vi diru, ke faris ĝin mi, kaj ĝi estas GNU FDL. I have other photos from gugerat in wikipedia, in article http://eo.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pimento there is other, which i found rather spectacular! If that interess you I can also send in .jpg photo of jain cult in Mont Abou.

The user pasted this on my userpage (instead of talk page) on 8th Apr 2005. સ્પંદન (Spundun) ૦૧:૪૬, ૨૪ Apr ૨૦૦૫ (UTC)

Jagadish Chandra Bose[ફેરફાર કરો]

Sorry, but I can't remember the source. It is not a personnal photograph, so I found it on the web, I try to find out where I got it but with no success. fr:user:Nataraja

perhaps http://www.infinityfoundation.com/ECITboseframeset.htm ૧૮:૧૫, ૪ Jun ૨૦૦૫ (UTC)

प्राग इश्तिहार[ફેરફાર કરો]

The Prague Manifesto of the Movement for the International Language Esperanto is one of the key documents of the modern Esperanto movement. Among the many places that it can be read in English on the net is here: http://www.esperanto-usa.org/prague.html. A Hindi translation is available here: http://www.geocities.com/bharato/pragajhoj/praag_ishtihaar-d.htm

The Manifesto has great relevance to a multilingual India with its many asymmetries of power and access, including those of language discrimination and linguistic human rights. Giridhar ૪ July ૨૦૦૫ ૦૮:૨૮ (UTC)

Science pearls[ફેરફાર કરો]

Science pearls


I address you as the ambassador of your wikipedia. Please notice the above project.

This project, more than other projects, will benefit from inter-wiki cooperation. Can you post a message regarding this project at your wikipedia village pump?

Thanks for your help, APH from the English wiki

Wikizine[ફેરફાર કરો]

Hi, I am w:nl:gebruiker:Walter of the dutch Wikipedia. I am writing you because your are listed as ambassador of your wiki. I have something to say that I think you will find useful and possibly others of your wiki also.

You know it is not easy for the members of a local wiki to be informed about what is going on in the higher levels of the Wikimedia family. This because of the language problem and the high level of fragmentation of places where you can find information.

I am now making a weekly news letter (Wikizine) that attempts to provide the news of the Wikimedia projects. The concept is to list only a very short description of the news an give the relevant url to the subject. I want it to be short, only give the news that is important for all projects. The target audience include the ambassadors. It is for people who are interested in what it going on outside there own wiki. I emphasize on the news that is practical-technical. The information comes form several "news"-pages on several wikis, the mailinglists and IRC. There will be news I can not discover. If you have news found somewhere or from you own wiki please let my know. wikizine AT wikipedia.be

I can only create one version in something that supposed to be English. I count on the readers to inform there local wiki about the news in there own language.

Wikizine is send by use of the mailinglist Announce-l. It is only used for this. So people can subscribe without being swamped by emails like the lists.


I hope that you and others of your wiki will subscribe to Wikizine and give feedback. So that Wikizine can become really a source where Wikimedians can find out what is going on. Greetings, w:nl:gebruiker:Walter PS: do not repond here. I will not see it.

Right way to write it[ફેરફાર કરો]

Hi Spundun,

I plan to perform some Gujarati writeup (will start with my page first...), wanted to know if there is a guideline on how the words should be written in Gujarati?

For Example: Links are written as લિક, but they should be as િલક Chirags 01:18, ૬ December ૨૦૦૫ (UTC)

Other problem that I am facing is, that sometimes the words appear as blocks... as you may see on this page Chirags 01:19, ૬ December ૨૦૦૫ (UTC)

Responded to your question on User talk:Chirags --સ્પંદન (Spundun) 19:38, ૬ December ૨૦૦૫ (UTC)

Grammer Correction[ફેરફાર કરો]

Hi Spundan we have made some changies in brackets

with regards

Ashok Patel & Pravin Patel

WOW![ફેરફાર કરો]

You're single-handedly working on the Gujarati wikipedia!Fantabulous job!! It's disappointing how few articles Indian language wikipedias have! Deeptrivia 06:04, ૯ January ૨૦૦૬ (UTC)

Thanks for the encouragement, :) I also replied to your talk page on en. --સ્પંદન (Spundun) 06:41, ૯ January ૨૦૦૬ (UTC)

Suggestions for Hindi Wikipedia[ફેરફાર કરો]

Dear Spundun, I have a few suggestion. In Hindi wikipedia, please try implementing these or let me know how can I do these.

Please change the label on push-buttons to these texts. बदलाव सुरक्षित करें (Save Changes), झलक देखें (Preview changes) Also on the left pane, please replace जा with जाएं, and खोज with खोजें. Present labels (e.g., जा, खोज) are bit impolite and hence must be changed with polite and more acceptable ones. Thanks.

-- Sunil Sangwal २३ जनवरी २००६ (UTC)

Kurów[ફેરફાર કરો]

Could you please write a stub http://gu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kur%C3%B3w - just a few sentences based on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kur%C3%B3w ? Only 2 -5 sentences enough. Please. Pietras1988 11:19, ૧૦ February ૨૦૦૬ (UTC)

Deep Multiplex[ફેરફાર કરો]

This article needs to be deleted; but following the en:WP:Articles for deletion instructions did not work. This article has also been deleted in the english wikipedia. Devanjedi 16:05, ૧૭ February ૨૦૦૬ (UTC)

Krunal Sheth[ફેરફાર કરો]

You are dooing a great job and I think I know you. were you in C.N school? Let me know if I can be of any help in gujarati wikipedia.

Hey Krunal, your name does ring a bell but I can't remember what you looked like and all. And yes I was in CN School :). Unfortunately you havent left any contact info here for me to contact you... if you read this again... just use the "E-mail this user" link on the left side of this page to email me your contact information. As far as helping with wikipedia is concerned, you can start writing nice encyclopedia articles or contribute to existing ones, just come aboard! Everyone is welcome!! :) --સ્પંદન (Spundun) ૦૧:૫૨, ૧૮ May ૨૦૦૬ (UTC)

Katowice[ફેરફાર કરો]

Hello. I'm wikipedia redactor from Poland. We do some action for tranlation atricle about one of the biggest polish city simple:Katowice. Could You make some translation into Your native language of this article ? Just a few senteces. Please. There is source article in English: en:Katowice.

Best Regards.

Stimoroll form Poland

[Mediawiki-i18n] Internationalisation news[ફેરફાર કરો]

  • Dear Spundun! We have started a new campaign to update the localization files. If you can help improuving the "{{int:Allmessages}}" – ‎"તંત્ર સંદેશાઓ"‎ files "LanguageGu.php" and "MessagesGu.php" to run the Gujarati projects please log in at [૧], change the interface to the language of your prefrence at [૨], go to Betawiki:LanguageGu.php and MessagesGu.php at section "contact persons" and list your name. We can start with the new messages translated already and continue step by step.‎
  • If you are on IRC please visit the channel #wikipedia-BiDi.‎
  • For other "LanguageXx.php" and "MessagesXx.php" files please see Betawiki:category:Internationalization. Thanks in advance! Best regards Gangleri | T | m: Th | T ૦૦:૧૦, ૧૩ May ૨૦૦૬ (UTC) Gangleri | T | m: Th | T

Dictionary[ફેરફાર કરો]

Hello. I saw there is a few article requests from Poland. I have an idea to do mini dictionary for article translating. If You have a minute please translate sentences below into this wikipedia language:

  • city in poland
  • located on the south/north/west/est/center part
  • population
  • area
  • capital of the
  • voidship
  • city rights

Thats All. This sentences help us make STUB article about Polish cities. Best Regards Stimoroll

Hindi wiki[ફેરફાર કરો]

I, one of the new sysops, have given a throughly new look to the main page of [:hi:|Hindi Wikipedia]. Please see the Main page, and give me comments on my English user page en:User:Magicalsaumy.

Guidelines for writing a Hindi article[ફેરફાર કરો]

Hi, as an admin, I have created a page listing recommendations for writing a good and proper article on Hindi wikipedia. I shall wait for 24 hours to hear suggestions/criticisms from the other admins, which are most welcome (I hope it is sufficient time), after which I shall post this message on the talk page of all active Hindi-wikipedians and Hindi-native-speakers on English wikipedia.

Hindi wikipedia invites and welcomes Wikipedians to contribute for the casue of spreading knowledge and the Hindi language. This page contains guidelines for writing a wiki-article on any topic at the Hindi Wikipedia, with special recommendations for writing in Hindi (Note: The script/font-family for Hindi is Devanāgari; the script/font-system for English is Roman script, also, the Hindi spelling system is not completely standardized). This article is yet in English language (mostly), in order to encourage even non-native/foreign people who have learnt/are learning Hindi to contribute to the Hindi wikipedia, and native Hindi speakers who normally write in English.


  1. Firstly for proper viewing, it is recommended to keep all links NOT-UNDERLINED. Otherwise the मात्रा below the Hindi alphabets might get partly hidden behind the underlines. For this, Please go to My Preferences (मेरी पसंद) at the top of the page, then click Misc., and then choose "underline links -> Never". Save your settings. Also, do not click yes for "justify paragraphs", otherwise on some browsers, the devanagari script will apear highly distorted.
  2. All users are requested and encouraged to contribute articles here, especially, to create new articles on general topics. They are also encouraged to expand the existing articles, and improve upon them. A non-user can also do the same; it is recommended but not required to register yourself as a wikipedian user at the Hindi wikipedia. As far as possible, each article should be written with a Neutral Point of View (NPOV)—no nationalistic or partiality or hatred based articles are welcome. The articles should be based on facts—and appropriate references should be provided as and where needed. See the English wiki's en:Help:Contents/Editing_Wikipedia help page for editing in general. Almost all the general wiki-features are available for editing on Hindi wiki too. Guidelines for the content matter is mostly the same as given in English wiki.
  3. Since the Hindi wiki is at its initial stages, users are welcome to take introduction and basic points from the English (or another) wikipedia's corresponding article and translate them for small articles. An in-page link to the English wiki's article will be deemed sufficient for references (a template might be created stating this). For longer articles, it is recommended to mention the references separately.
  4. Since most computer users in India and elsewhere have the standard Western-type keyboard, it is best recommended (but not necessarily required) to use the virtual (software) keyboard like the one of Hindimozhi or of ISIS (Tavultesoft Keyman)—for freewares. These are advantageous because the contemporary Hindi-speakers in India often write messages/chat using Hindi words but written in Roman (English) script, and the layout of these keyboards is quite the same that such people use. For example, using the "normal" keyboard with this software, typing ga would give ग and ghaa would give घा.
  5. Create the article with its name written in Hindi (devanagari script). Always take care to include the nukta (dot below) for foreign / Urdu loanwords wherever it occurs in the standard spelling. For non-Indian names, use that spelling (for article name and other words) which is commonly encountered in Hindi newspapers, G.K.-books, Hindi-dubbed TV documentaries and Hollywood films and magazines. e.g., America-अमरीका (या अमेरिका), China-चीन, French-फ़्रांसिसी. For English acronyms/short-forms, use the initials in Roman script, and again create a full form in Hindi and redirect it to the short form. e.g. IPA (अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय ध्वनि वर्णाक्षर); UNO (संयुक्त राष्ट्र संघ). Doing the opposite is also fine. But creating the article with the Hindi short form, as सं०रा०सं०, is not recommended. Also, the article proper must be written with the proper nukta, as फ़ारसी, and then, a non-nukta (mis-)spellt version फारसी should preferably be created to redirect to the correct spelling.
  6. Hindi wikipedia strongly recommends the users to write articles in everyday common Hindi (Hindustani or Hindi-Urdu, ie, बोलचाल वाली हिन्दी, which may include many loanwords from Persian and Arabic). The use of शुद्ध संस्कृतनिष्ठ हिन्दी is in general neither required nor recommended. E.g., use: वजह instead of कारण, ख़ास instead of विशेष, वगैरह instead of इत्यादि, लेकिन instead of परन्तु etc. However, for technical and specialized vocabulary, the use of शुद्ध संस्कृतनिष्ठ हिन्दी is recommended and usually mandatory. Thus: upper House of Parliament—संसद का उच्च सदन, but not Urdu—मजिलिस का ऐवान-ए-बाला ; Foreign Minister—विदेशमन्त्री, but not Urdu—वज़ीर-ए-ख़ारिजा ; knowledge/science—ज्ञान/विज्ञान, but not इल्म. Use spoken Hindi's ये and वो instead of यह and वह / वे. Do not use the title of respect जी after names, it is unencyclopedic. Thus: कृष्ण / श्री कृष्ण but not कृष्ण जी.
  7. English should be used sparingly, only when required or the corresponding शुद्ध हिन्दी word is too "difficult and not generally encountered", or if it is a proper name of non-Indian person/place/terminology, or if the user is highly unsure of the proper translation. It is recommended (but not required) that English-to-Hindi translation while writing articles, the Shabdkosh online dictionry should be used. For each English word, that alternative should be used which is generally encountered in everyday spoken Hindi, and also fits well into the context. Use of intelligent guesses for newly encountered words is also allowed, and so are tanslations encountered in Hindi-dubbed TV documentaries, Hollywood films, Hindi-translated books, etc. e.g., दमपिशाच for en:Dementor (used in dubbed HP films).
  8. If used, it is recommended to use the English words within the articles using the English (Roman) alphabets rather than devanagari. Such words should be italicized and not put in quotation marks. Preferably, there should be an in-page interwiki link (like :en:) on the word to the English wikipedia. If the word comes as an integral part of a sentence, so as not to break the continuity, the en: prefix should be hidden by writing the word again after the pipe sign (piped link). Thus, recommended: हैरी पॉटर ने ''[[:en:Pensieve|Pensieve]]'' के अन्दर ''[[:en:Little Hangleton|Little Hangleton]]'' गाँव में लॉर्ड वोल्डेमॉर्ट की माँ ''[[:en:Merope Gaunt|Merope Gaunt]]'' को देखा. ''[[:en:Resplendent Quetzal|Resplendent Quetzal]]'' पक्षी के ऊपर एक मेक्सिकन पादरी डा० ''[[:en:Pablo de la Llave|Pablo de la Llave]]'' ने काफ़ी शोध किया था. Whence,
    • हैरी पॉटर ने Pensieve के अन्दर Little Hangleton गाँव में लॉर्ड वोल्डेमॉर्ट की माँ Merope Gaunt को देखा
    • Resplendent Quetzal पक्षी के ऊपर एक मेक्सिकन पादरी डा० Pablo de la Llave ने काफ़ी शोध किया था
  9. ALways start the first 1 or 2 lines of the article giving its definition (from any standard dictionary/other wiki) or suitable introduction. Thus, recommended: ललिता सहस्रनामन हिन्दू धर्मसुधारक आदि शंकराचार्य द्वारा रचित देवी दुर्गा को समर्पित एक पूजा-मन्त्र है, जिसे कई हिन्दू रोज़ श्रद्धा से जपते हैं । But not: ललिता सहस्रनामन मन्त्र जपने के लिये लड्डू-पेड़ा, ताम्बुल, सिन्दूर, लाल चुनरी के साथ नित्य इस मन्त्र का पाठ करें, तो जल्द ही गड़ा हुआ ख़जाना मिलेगा । Recommended: वैमानिक अभियान्त्रिकी (en:Aeronautical engineering) विमानों (en:Aircrafts) की अभिकल्पना, निर्माण और प्रचालन करने का विज्ञान, कला और कार्य है । But not: आजकल वैमानिक अभियान्त्रिकी के लिये देशभर में कई कॉलेज खुल गये हैं, जिनमें अग्रणी स्थान यूटोपिया स्थित लालू-यादव टेक्लिनक कॉलेज का है ।
  10. For names of countries, cities, places, languages, people, books, films, technical vocabulary, mythology, etc, start the article hence: 1. The name in bold ('''अपोलो''') 2. starting parenthesis, then English name in Roman script, in-page interwiki-linked to English wiki ff. by semicolon ((अंग्रेज़ी : [[:en:Apollo]];) 3. The native name(s) if applicable in the italicized native script, preferably followed either by its italicized approximate Hindi pronunciation or non-italicized [[:en:Phonetic transcription|phonological transcription]] within //, ff. by closed parenthesis (यूनानी : ''Aπollων अप्पोलोन'')) 4. the rest of the definition or introduction (प्राचीन [[यूनानी धर्म]] (ग्रीक धर्म) और प्राचीन [[रोमन धर्म]] के सर्वोच्च देवता थे ।) For country names, only the standard short form of the name is needed in the first line. If there is a common name for a difficult word in Hindustani, also mention it. Whence: अपोलो (अंग्रेज़ी : en:Apollo; यूनानी : Aπollων अप्पोलोन) प्राचीन यूनानी धर्म (ग्रीक धर्म) और प्राचीन रोमन धर्म के सर्वोच्च देवता थे । If you don't give the interwiki English/another language link (which would be deemed to be the default reference), then you MUST provide an appropriate reference.
  11. Please leave no article without an appropriate category. See the list of created categories hi:विशेष:Categories here; you can also make a new category (pref. in Hindi). Please leave no article without at least ONE off page (like en:) interwiki link. E.g., the user can check the article name (say Apollo) on the finally redirected English page and append to the Hindi article ([[en:Appolo]])). These interlanguage links will help a bot to update all interwiki links for that article in all wikipedias. The category and the aforementioned link should be typed at the end of the article. If the article is very small, mention it as a stub/substub.
  12. Use of templates is welcome. See the list of templates here. If creating a template, name it pref. in English.
  13. Use पूर्णविराम ( । ) instead of a period (.) for ending statements. The पूर्णविराम, semicolon, colon and dash (but not comma) must come after one space after the word to prevent disambiguity. Use the international form of the Hindu-Arabic numerals (1,2,3 instead of १,२,३), as used by the Constitution and the Government of India (even for Hindi). There is no need to use the हलन्त at the end of Sanskrit words wherever it occurs. Hence, prefer: संसद over संसद्; अथर्वन over अथर्वन्. Use the proper quotation marks “” from the Insert toolbox, not "". Write dates as 2 मई 2006 (ईसवी or ईसापूर्व). Write time as 3:45 pm.
  14. The use of ज़ for the en:voiced alveolar fricative (/z/, as in zoo, rose) is fundamentally wrong. Its nearest counterpart is the en:voiceless alveolar fricative /s/ (as in sea), and not Hindi ज (en:voiced palatal plosive). Hence, it is suggested and recommended that for the sound /z/, whether it comes in English (etc.) spellings (z) for while pronunciation otherwise, should be transcribed as स़ (स with a dot below, available in the Insert toolbox). Hence: Reason रीस़न, not रीज़न ; Roses रोस़ेस़, not रोज़ेज़. But common Hindi words borrowed from Persian/Arabic (so-called Urdu words) are allowed to continue with ज़ spelling. Thus: ज़रा, नज़र, तर्ज़. The en:voiced postalveolar fricative (/ʒ/ as in treasure), inexistant in Hindi, can similarly be transcribed with श़. Thus: treasure ट्रॅश़र. The nukta (dot) available in the Insert toolbox can be combined with various consonants to suggest a more exact phonetic devanagari rendering of foreign sounds. E.g., Since phonetically, English Think and this are not equal to थिंक and दिस, a better transcription could be थ़िंक and द़िस. Please take care of the dot below in so-called Urdu words, otherwise the Hindi spelling is deemed incorrect.
  15. For the following English vowels met, mate, mat, transcribe as मॅट (short vowel), मेट (not मेइट), मैट (not मॅट, as popular in Marathi). However in contemporary Hindi and here, it is acceptable to use ए instead of ऍ. Thus: अमेरिका is more popular than अमॅरिका. For cot, coat, caught, transcribe as कॉट, कोट, कॉट (not कौट). Transcribe English /t/ and /d/ as ट and ड.
  16. Use half-न before त, थ, द, ध, न, instead of anuswaar अं. Use half-म before प, फ, ब, भ, म. Use the anuswaar before all the rest of the consonants (not half-ङ, ञ, ण). If the मात्रा is not above the alphabet, use chandra-bindu, but only for nasalization. Thus: अन्दर, not अंदर ; अन्त, not अंत ; हिन्दी, not हिंदी ; सम्भव, not संभव ; पंचमी, not पञ्चमी ; अंडा, not अण्डा ; कंठ, not कण्ठ ; लैंड, not लैण्ड ; आँख, not आंख. However, both forms are acceptable in contemporary Hindi as well as here; the prec. are just recommendations.
  17. When preceeded by another vowel, use the pure vowels instead of य (unless the य is clearly articulated while pronouncing). Thus : जाएँ, not जायें (not जावें) ; आएगा, not आयेगा . However, both forms are acceptable in contemporary Hindi as well as here.
  18. Please pay careful attention to the masculine/feminine gender (and singular/plural) in adjectives and verbs, else the sentence becomes ungrammatical.

For more information/suggestions/criticisms, please contact any one of the administrators of Hindi wiki here, preferably en:User:Magicalsaumy. The page can always be viewed here. ૨૨:૨૮, ૪ June ૨૦૦૬ (UTC) (en:User:Magicalsaumy)

Trust in Wikipedia[ફેરફાર કરો]

this is Cathy from Hong Kong working on a research about trust on Wikipedia. I wonder if you would kindly contact me at researchingmedia@gmail.com? I'd like to chat with you about Wikipedia of your language. Would you kindly drop me your email or IM (Skype, MSN, AIM or ICQ)? It wouldn't take more than ten minutes, but it would help enormously for us to understand the overall trust-based social landscape of Wikipedia. Thank you!

gujarat page[ફેરફાર કરો]

hi on the gujarat page in gujarati, gujarat is said to be the third largest seashore which is incorrect right Kaushal mehta ૧૩:૩૨, ૨૨ August ૨૦૦૬ (UTC)

Translation Request (2 sentences)[ફેરફાર કરો]

For the front page of the Novial Test Wikipedia it would be nice to have a Gujarati translation of the following 2 sentences:


Welcome to the Wikipedia in the Novial language!

You can read about the international auxiliary language Novial here.


See the original request at Wikimedia Incubator here.

Which flag or other symbol may I use next to the Gujarati translation? (I am using flags as far as possible.)

Thank you, Nov_ialiste

User:Vpp1234's comment[ફેરફાર કરો]

લે કર વાત ....ભાઇ સ્પંદન...તમારુ કામ ગમ્યુ પણ લખવાની રીત બાબતે ઘણા ફેરફારૉ કરવાનીજરુર છે. વધુ વાત માટે vpp1234@gmail.com આભાર......Media:Example.ogg

हिन्दी विकिन्यूज प्रारंभिक सम्पादन के लिये[ફેરફાર કરો]

हिन्दी विकिन्यूज के प्रारम्भिक सम्पादन के लिये एक विनती की गयी है। आप अपने मन्तव्य से इसके औचित्य और अनौचित्य के बारे में प्रकाश डाले। आपका मत काफी उपयोगी है, मैं आपका अति आभारी रहुंगा। आप अपना मतदान यहां करे: [૩] बहुत बहुत धन्य्वाद्, ૧૦:૨૯, ૭ October ૨૦૦૬ (UTC)

નમસ્કાર[ફેરફાર કરો]

મેરા ગુજરાતી ચંગા નહી છે (I hope that I got it correct!). યહાઁ પર હિન્દી પ્રયોગ કરને કે લિયે ક્ષમા ચાહતા હૂં| મૈને યહાઁ ગુજરાતી ઇન્પુટ સિસ્ટમ એનેબલ કરે છે, અગર આપકો ઇસ સે કોહી દિક્કત હો તો આપ ઇસે હટા યા મોડિફાઈ કર સક્તે હૈ, મુખપૃષ્ઠ પર આપ કા યોગદાન અચ્છા લગા| મેરે વિચાર મૈ આપ લોગ ગિર્ગિટ ટ્રાન્સલિટરેટર પ્રયોગ કર કે હિન્દી કા લેખ કો ગુજરાતી મે ટ્રાન્લિટરેટ કરકે ફિર ટ્રાન્સ્લેટ કરના અચ્છા હોગા| ઇસસે સમય કા બચત હો સકતા હૈ| ધન્યવાદ| --Eukesh ૧૬:૩૨, ૭ March ૨૦૦૭ (UTC)

Re:[ફેરફાર કરો]

Well, its good that you have found out how to uncheck the button. I had never thought about it previously. That will be a lesson for me in other wikipedias. Thanks for that. Abt the development of this wikipedia, I think list of articles provides a list of articles on which we can work. I think Arvindan has listed it out somewhere in Hindi wikipedia as well (but I am not sure). Thank you.--Eukesh ૧૮:૧૮, ૮ March ૨૦૦૭ (UTC)

User:JAnDbot[ફેરફાર કરો]

Hello, I have botflag on 86 languages :-). See cs:Wikipedista:JAnDbot for some of them JAnDbot ૦૭:૨૪, ૯ March ૨૦૦૭ (UTC)

User:TXiKiBoT[ફેરફાર કરો]

Hello. Yes, I have bot flag in more than 60 wikipedias. This is the full list of languages: am, an, ast, az, bat-smg, be, bn, bpy, br, bs, ca, co, cs, csb, cv, da, en, eo, es, et, eu, fo, fr, frp, fy, ga, gd, gl, he, hi, ht, hy, it, kn, ksh, lb, lij, lmo, ln, mr, na, nah, nap, nds-nl, nl, no, oc, os, pl, pt, ru-sib, scn, sco, simple, sk, sl, sq, su, sv, ta, tg, tr, ur, vec, vls, vo and zh-yue. Thank you. TXiKiBoT ૦૯:૪૮, ૯ March ૨૦૦૭ (UTC)

Re:[ફેરફાર કરો]

No need to be sorry! Btw, its good to see Gujrati wikipedia more active thanks to your recent contributions.--Eukesh ૧૭:૩૦, ૯ March ૨૦૦૭ (UTC)

User:VolkovBot[ફેરફાર કરો]

Hello! This bot is registered in 150+ wiki versions and has bot flags on ar, be, ca, cs, da, de, en, eo, es, et, fi, fr, he, is, it, lt, pl, pt, ro, ru, sl, sr, tr, uk, vec, zh-yue. Botmaster: ru:User:Volkov (talk). I'd like to request a flag on gu wiki as well. Thank you. --VolkovBot ૧૯:૪૬, ૧૯ March ૨૦૦૭ (UTC)

Spundun, Since I don't know what is featured level message I have put a message for you under your message.

Bureaucrat[ફેરફાર કરો]


I granted you bureaucrat status, although you missed a few million jokes about my name. ;oP Yann ૦૮:૧૮, ૩૦ March ૨૦૦૭ (UTC)

Piyush[ફેરફાર કરો]

Spundun, I don't see you changing any of the featured articles. If you are going to be deciding when to publish them on the Front Page - could you let all know what is pending in those featured articles? I hope whatever articles are completed, could you start publishing them on front page now?

About Article of Day[ફેરફાર કરો]

Spundun, I think we need to spend time having some article in other catgories before we make all city article. I put some articles on characters like Shivaji or Laxmibai etc. One city like Ahmedabad is enough and then let's concentrate on other topics and then come back to City articles. Piyushbhatt ૧૩:૨૩, ૫ April ૨૦૦૭ (UTC)Piyush

[Piyush:]Its okay if you find some images invalid and you remove it. But when you upload the images keep their name in Gujarati. So, that when someone searches for images in Gujarati they can get them. The english name images are any way available. ૧૪:૧૭, ૯ April ૨૦૦૭ (UTC)Piyush


  • Yes you can store images with Gujarati Names and that'ss what I ahave done for many images that I have uploaded you can check that. Please do that so we have some images in seach engine results for gujarati words.
  • I am still getting all these ideas of commons and free images and all - but I still feel that image with English name should be again stored with Gujarati name for Gujarati's advantage.
  • I uploaded all images finding them from Web only, I did not take any of those. If you need to replace any, pplease upload another image before udeleting the existing one that way at least we have some image. text without image does not make it great article.

Piyushbhatt ૦૩:૩૮, ૧૧ April ૨૦૦૭ (UTC)

Images for everyday[ફેરફાર કરો]

[Piyush:] Spundun, when I had uploaded images, this is what I had in mind:

  • Images related to Gujarat
  • having Gujarati name
  • Images not containing any celebrities

To be frank, I did not like Shipa's image. everything else is fine.

નેપાલ or નેપાળ[ફેરફાર કરો]

What ist correct? Murtasa ૧૧:૪૩, ૨૪ April ૨૦૦૭ (UTC)

અનુવાદ[ફેરફાર કરો]

કેમ છો સ્પદન? फ़िल्हाल मुझे गुजराती ठीक से नहीं आती इसलिये हिंदी लिखता हूँ। शायद आपको मालुम नहीं होगा कि दिसंबर में मेरी शादी एक गुजराती लड़की से नवसारी में हुई। इसकी वजह से मेरी गुजराती भाषा में दिलचस्पी बढ़ गई। हम फ़्राँस में रहते हैं और अब तक हिंदी में बातें करते हैं।

मैंने उसको विकिपीडिया दिखाया और उसको पसंद आया। शायद वह भी कुछ लिखेगी। गुजराती में ज़रूर। उसको दो भाषाएँ आती हैं यानी हिंदी और गुजराती, वह भी बहुत अच्छी तरह से लेकिन अंग्रेज़ी तो बड़ी मुश्किल से समझ सकती है। जब तक गुजराती विकिपीडिया सिर्फ़ गुजराती में दिखाई नहीं देगा तब तक कुछ नहीं कर पाएगी। तो Special:Preferences का अनुवाद पूरा करना है।

अब फ़ैसला करना है कि किस अंग्रेज़ी शब्द के लिये किस गुजराती शब्द का इस्तेमाल करना चाहिये। यहीं रही एक सूची जो मैंने, मेरी पत्नी की मदद माँग कर और शब्दकोश में ढूँढ़ कर, की है:

  • link: કડી (दरअसल यह वाला तुम्हारा है)
  • account: ખાતું
  • article: લેખ
  • page: પાનું
  • next: આગળ
  • previous: પાછળ
  • title: શીર્ષક
  • cancel: રદ કરવું
  • category: વર્ગ
  • changed: બદલાયેલું
  • confirm: ખાતરી કરો
  • create: શરૂ કરવો/સર્જન કરવું
  • date: તારીખ
  • time: સમય
  • text: દસ્તાવેજ
  • tree: ઝાડ (आपने વૃક્ષ का इस्तेमाल क्यों किया? दोनों बराबर हैं न?)
  • preference: પસંદ
  • delete: હટાવવું (जब इसका मतलब deletion होता है तो क्या करे?)
  • move: હલાવવું
  • password: ગુપ્ત શબ્દ या કેપછી ખાનગી શબ્દ (मुझे પાસવર્ડ बिल्कुल नहीं पसंद)
  • anonymous: અનામી
  • user: સદસ્ય

उनके लिये मुझे मालुम नहीं है:

  • default
  • cite
  • format
  • redirect
  • bug
  • file
  • media
  • contribution
  • revision

ज़रा अपना विचार बोलो। આવજો. બૈર્નાર ૨૧:૨૦, ૩ મે ૨૦૦૭ (UTC)

હું આ વિકિ પર નવો છુ અને મારુ ગુજરાતી પણ એટલુ સારુ નથી. પણ આ બાબત પર હુ બૈર્નારભાઈ સાથે સંમત છુ. આ બધા શબ્દો માથી મોટા ભાગના શબ્દો ના અનુવાદ સારા છે. મને text=દસ્તાવેજ બરાબર નથી લાગતુ. આ text શેના માટે છે? Text=contents માટે શબ્દ શોધી રહ્યા છે? બીજુ, delete માટે ‘છેકવું’ શબ્દ પણ વાપરી શકાય. Move માટે “હલાવવું” તો બિલકુલ બરાબર નથી લાગતુ. “નામ બદલો” કે “ખસેડો” વધારે સારા શબ્દ લાગે છે. આપનુ શું કહેવુ છે? Password માટે બીજો એક સારો શબ્દ “સંકેત શબ્દ” પણ રખાય. default…revision માટે મને પણ કોઈ સારા શબ્દ સૂજી નથી રહ્યા. - આક્સી ૧૭:૧૪, ૪ જૂન ૨૦૦૭ (UTC)
આ વાત મે માની હતી તે મે અત્યારેજ જોયુ. હાહા. અને સ્પન્દન, તમે મારા contributions પર નજર રાખજો. મને હવે એવુ લાગે છે કે મારે ગુજરાતી મા લખવાનુ ફરી શીખવુ પડશે.- આક્સી ૧૭:૫૫, ૪ જૂન ૨૦૦૭ (UTC)

બાકી રહેલા પૈકીના અમુક શબ્દોનો અનુવાદ:

  • format: ઢાંચો/ચોકઠુ
  • redirect: અન્ય માર્ગે વાળો (થોડુ લાંબુ લાગે છે), બારોબાર
  • file: દસ્તાવેજ
  • media: માધ્યમ
  • contribution: ફાળો
  • revision: પૂનરાવર્તન

નીચેના શબ્દોનો અર્થ અનુશાગિક થાય, માટે જો કોઇ વિશેષ જગ્યાએ ઉપયોગ કરવાના હોવ તો જણાવજો

  • default: મૂળભુત
  • cite: નોંધ, ટીપ્પણી
  • bug: કીડો/તકલીફ

--ધવલ (Dhaval) ૧૧:૪૧, ૧૯ ડિસેમ્બર ૨૦૦૭ (UTC)

Bot bit User:SieBot[ફેરફાર કરો]

Hi Spundun. A while ago I made a request for a bot bit to be set for User:SieBot at વિકિપીડિયા:ચોતરો#Bot_bit_request_SieBot. Could you please set the bit? Thanks. Siebrand ૦૯:૨૬, ૩ સપ્ટેમ્બર ૨૦૦૭ (UTC)

Hi. Because you appear to be absent, and/or have not responded to my request in a week or more, I have repeated the above request at meta:Requests_for_bot_status#Bot_status_requests, so a steward could take care of it. Cheers! Siebrand ૦૧:૧૮, ૧૪ સપ્ટેમ્બર ૨૦૦૭ (UTC)

Bot status for PipepBot[ફેરફાર કરો]

Hi Spundun, I'd like to request you to set a bot bit for PipepBot with reference to વિકિપીડિયા:ચોતરો#Bot status for PipepBot. Thank you. it:User:Pipep ૦૭:૫૯, ૧૩ સપ્ટેમ્બર ૨૦૦૭ (UTC)

विक्शनरी प्रबंधक नामनिर्देशन Administrator Nomination Poll 1[ફેરફાર કરો]


मै User:Mahitgar हिंदी विक्शनरीका समन्वयक/प्रबंधक होना चाहता हूं । मै सर्व भारतीय भाषांओ कि विक्शनरी अधिकाधिक समृद्ध करने एवं मराठी भाषा विक्शनरीके अच्छे उपक्रम हिंदी खास करकर सहाय्यतायूक्त पन्ने हिंदी विक्शनरी मे लाना चाहता हूं.समय समयपर मै अपनी सूचनाए एवं योगदान करते रहूंगा मै मराठी भाषायी विक्शनरी मे प्रबंधक हूं और अपने अनुभव मराठी एवं हिंदी भाषायी विक्शनरी मे अर्पीत करनेकी मनषा रखता हूं .

इस संदर्भमे मेरेपास पर्याप्त पुस्तक स्वरूप संसाधन उपलब्ध है.

प्रबंधक अधिकार मिलनेपर काम अधिक अधिक सक्षमतासे करने मे मुझे पर्याप्त सुविधा मिलेगी।.विक्शनरी नियमोके अनुसार मै विकि stewards को मेरी विनंती http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Requests_for_permissions यंहा करना चाहता हूं. अभी केवल आपकी (विकिपिडीयन्सकी) मान्यताकी प्रतिक्षा है.मै समन्वयक/प्रबंधक होनेके बारेमे आपका मत (हां/ना) मिलने पर मेरी विनंतीके बारेमे stewards विचार कर हां या ना मे जवाब देंगे.

आशा आहे आप जल्दही आपके मत प्रबंधक नामनिर्देशन Administrator Nomination हिंदी विक्शनरीमे यंहा पर आंतरराष्ट्रीय स्टूवर्ड महोदय के सुविधाकेलिए इंग्रजी मे दर्ज करें.

संपर्क एवं अपनेपन का प्रार्थी

Mahitgar ૧૪:૫૫, ૨૧ ઓકટોબર ૨૦૦૭ (UTC)

Hindi विक्षनरी प्रबंधक नामनिर्देशन Administrator Nominationमतदान यंहा चालू है।

embedding Image and templates[ફેરફાર કરો]

Hi Spandan (Spundun),

I have postd in chotaro as well, but didn't get any response there, hence I thought let me ask you personally, can you tell me how to embed image in the article, i treid doing it, and it just showed the link, tried uploading the image adn it was uploaded to my personal account instead of the article, and another help i wanted is if there is any readyily available template for the same,

your help will be greatly appreciated,

--ધવલ (Dhaval) ૧૪:૦૮, ૧૮ ડિસેમ્બર ૨૦૦૭ (UTC)

It looks like you figured out how to embed images in a page :) --સ્પંદન (Spundun) ૨૨:૦૦, ૪ ફેબ્રુઆરી ૨૦૦૮ (UTC)

Search page[ફેરફાર કરો]

Hi Spandan,

Once again to bother you, but this time with a suggestion, have you seen this homepage of bangla Wikipedia at http://bn.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E0%A6%AA%E0%A7%8D%E0%A6%B0%E0%A6%A7%E0%A6%BE%E0%A6%A8_%E0%A6%AA%E0%A6%BE%E0%A6%A4%E0%A6%BE ?

I was wondering why don't we even have same or similar front page? as whenever i tried to search the words in gujarati, i was never able to do so, like દાળ, as i was editing that article, i wanted to search adn see in which category it falls, but could never find it from the search page, had to always go to the page from my contribution, if this sort of virtual key board is present on the homepage, it would be quite easier.


--ધવલ (Dhaval) ૧૪:૨૧, ૧૮ ડિસેમ્બર ૨૦૦૭ (UTC)

Sorry for the late response Dhaval. I don't know bangla, so I am not sure what the search tool does over there.... but you can search for articles using the search box on the left hand side. You can let me know if there is something more specific about the bangla page. --સ્પંદન (Spundun) ૨૧:૫૮, ૪ ફેબ્રુઆરી ૨૦૦૮ (UTC)
સ્પંદન, thanx for replying my messages. yes, I found how to embed the images, etc. the reason I mentioned bangla page is that, let me tell you in gujarati, I think my gujarati is better than english, so will be able to present what i want to say in it.
જે રીતે અહીં ઉપર "Test - check box to write in Gujrati (test phase);" રૅડીઓ બટન છે, તે રીતે સર્ચ પેજમાં કે આપણા 'મુખપૃષ્ઠ'માં એવો Option હોય કે જે ગુજરાતી ટાઇપ કરવા દે, હાલમાં ગુજરાતી વિકિપીડીયામાં પણ સર્ચ કરવા માટે તો અંગ્રેજીમાં જ લખવું પડે છે, જેમે કે મે ઉપર ઉદાહરણ આપ્યું હતુ તેમ્, સમજો કે મારે 'રામાયણ'સર્ચ કરવું છે, તો સર્ચ બોક્ષમાં રામાયણ લખવા માટેનો કોઇ ઓપ્શનજ નથી. એને માટે મે બંગાળી વિકિપીડીયાની લિંક મોકલી હતી જેથી તમે જોએ શકો કે હું શું કહેવા માંગુ છું. ફક્ત એક વખત ક્લિક કરીને જોઇ જુઓ, બંગાળીના મુખપૃષ્ઠ પરથી તમને ખ્યાલ અવી જશે.

--ધવલ (Dhaval) ૧૪:૫૬, ૧૫ ફેબ્રુઆરી ૨૦૦૮ (UTC)

Translating for Wikipedia[ફેરફાર કરો]

Hello Spundun!

I am currently busy with a project to have the interface of MediaWiki (the software used by Wikipedia) in as many languages as possible. When I was looking to this Wikipedia, I saw that the interface is good translated, but those translations are only available on the local Wikipedia, not on all MediaWiki wikis and all Wikimedia wikis. For example, if you log in to the English Wikipedia and change your interface language to Gujarati, you can't see the translations made here. I see you are a native speaker of Gujarati and you have already done some translations here. Therefore, I want to invite you to translate the interface further, but for all wikis. To do this, there is a special wiki, called Betawiki. If you want to do this, you can follow the instructions there.

Another advantage is that you can translate the namespaces (User, Help, ...) and the special page (Recentchanges, Allpages, ...) on Betawiki.

Thank you very much anyway, SPQRobin ૧૮:૦૮, ૨૮ ડિસેમ્બર ૨૦૦૭ (UTC)

Hi SPQRobin, I have created my username and started translating, but one important thing i noticed is that, the interface for gujjarati '{{LanguageHeader|gu}}' brings the name of lenguage in gujarati script only, i.e. (ગુજરાતી – ગુજરાતી) which I think should be (Gujarati – ગુજરાતી), if you agree with this, can you please change it?--ધવલ (Dhaval) ૧૪:૪૪, ૩ જાન્યુઆરી ૨૦૦૮ (UTC)
I don't quite understand what you mean and/or want. But this is probably because you use Gujarati as interface language, if you use English as interface language you will see (Gujarati - ગુજરાતી) SPQRobin ૧૫:૦૪, ૩ જાન્યુઆરી ૨૦૦૮ (UTC)
Thank you SPQRobin for your interest in translating the interface. I think its a useful thing but not the most important thing for me. As a matter of fact other users contributed much more than I did, I mostly fixed what others did wrong. I have not spent much time on the Gujarati wikipedia lately, which is unfortunate because I've not been able to take out some time for it. But when I do, my priority is to create good content first. Please feel free to copy paste the interface words from here to your Betawiki. All the best --સ્પંદન (Spundun) ૨૨:૦૪, ૪ ફેબ્રુઆરી ૨૦૦૮ (UTC)

Bureaucrat[ફેરફાર કરો]

Hi, page વિકિપીડિયા:ચોતરો says in its beginning, there were no bureaucrat here, but that is not true - you are one. --Purodha Blissenbach ૦૩:૩૨, ૧૭ ફેબ્રુઆરી ૨૦૦૮ (UTC)

Editing problem[ફેરફાર કરો]

Pleas see MediaWiki talk:Monobook.js‎ - Thank you! --Purodha Blissenbach ૦૩:૩૨, ૧૭ ફેબ્રુઆરી ૨૦૦૮ (UTC)

Bot flag request.[ફેરફાર કરો]

Hi Spundun, there is a pendig request for a bot flag here. Thank you. --Purodha Blissenbach ૦૧:૧૮, ૨૩ ફેબ્રુઆરી ૨૦૦૮ (UTC)

terrorist activities by Vkvora2001[ફેરફાર કરો]

well, to day I am searching something on the hindi wikipedia , I found some anti nations lines written by Mr. Vkvora2001 “ ईस मंदीर के नाश या सत्यानाश के लीये मुहम्मद गजनवी को अफघानीस्तान से आमंत्रीत करता हुं।“ all the members of wiki society are requested to stop this kind of anti India activities on the educational on line site. -- Dr. Jain ૧૬:૧૪, ૨૯ ફેબ્રુઆરી ૨૦૦૮ (UTC)

Usurpation request[ફેરફાર કરો]

नमस्ते Spundun, मेरा आप से नम्र निवेदन है कि मेरा खाता श्याम, Shyam से मिला दिया जाये | यह दोनों खातें मुझसे ही सम्बन्धित है| यदि आपको कोई सन्देह हो तो आप मुझे सन्देश भेज कर पूछ सकते है| आपको संकट में डालने के लिये खेद है, धन्यवाद् ૦૯:૧૯, ૨૮ માર્ચ ૨૦૦૮ (UTC)

વભ મિત્ર[ફેરફાર કરો]

મિત્ર સ્પંદન, યુઝર પેજ અને ટોક પેજ વાંચ્યા પછી આ લખું છું. જોડણી સુધારવા ચંદરિયાની સીડી આવે છે. ગુજરાતી સાર્થકોષ જેવી. બહુજ સસ્તી. સાર્થ કોષની ગરજ સારે અને જોડણી પણ સુધારે. રહી વાત ટોક પેજની. હીન્દી વીકીપીડીયાના રાજીવ માસ નામના એક પ્રબંધકે રવી જૈન નામનું ડમી ખાતું ખોલેલ છે જેની આખી વાત પકડાઇ ગઇ છે એટલે આ રવી જૈન એટલે હીન્દી વીકીપીડીયાના પ્રબંધક રાજીવ માસનું નકલી નામ. કુશળ હશો. Vkvora2001 ૦૧:૩૬, ૩૦ માર્ચ ૨૦૦૮ (UTC)

Hemanshu[ફેરફાર કરો]

Could you assist at en:Wikipedia:Requests for comment/Hemanshu in contacting en:User:Hemanshu who is a sysop here? Or possibly shedding some light on his lack of response? MBisanz ૨૦:૨૯, ૨૮ ઓકટોબર ૨૦૦૮ (UTC)

Translation[ફેરફાર કરો]

Greetings!Could I ask you to translate this article into ગુજરાતી?You may shorten it as possible to contain only the basic informations. If you want me to translate any article into Chinese,tell me. Thank you very much!--冰热海风 ૦૮:૨૧, ૧૩ મે ૨૦૦૯ (UTC)

Bot Gubot@gu.wikipedia[ફેરફાર કરો]

Please take a look at વિકિપીડિયા:ચોતરો#Request_bot_flag_for_Gubot with a pending request. Your attention is needed to avoid having any steward to step in to do your bureaucrat work. Thanks.--Jusjih ૦૨:૪૬, ૧૬ મે ૨૦૦૯ (UTC)

Are you still interested in keeping your bureaucrat and administrator flag? If not, I am proposing removing your flags. Thanks.--Jusjih ૧૭:૦૨, ૧૭ મે ૨૦૦૯ (UTC)

gadget activation on hindi wiki[ફેરફાર કરો]

hullo spundun,

I'm a frequent user of hindi wikipedia . We want to activate "hotcat" gadget, as well as, other gadgets available on commons. Details of the gadget is available at HotCat,

gadgets list contains list of other gadgets too. It would be great if you can enable these gadgets on hindi wiki. It seems no gadget is active on hindi wiki as of now, as gadget option does not come in the user preferences tab.

--Sbharti ૧૬:૦૨, ૨૭ ઓગસ્ટ ૨૦૦૯ (UTC)

(i'm on hindi wiki at hi:सदस्य_वार्ता:Sbharti)

Kutchi Langage Wikipedia[ફેરફાર કરો]

Just to inform you, there is a Kutchi Wikipedia Test started. If you can assist in any way, please do.

The Gujarati Wikisource[ફેરફાર કરો]

Hi! Honorable administrators of the Gujarati Wikipedia! Sorry for writing in English, I don't know the Gujarati language. The Gujarati test-Wikisource is pretty big, so, it needs to be a normal Wikisource, not a part of the Old Wikisource. Please, help in creation of the independent Gujarati Wikisource! The Request for opening the Gujarati Wikisource is here, also it needs to translate these messages. Thank you very much for your attention to this problem and, please, ask wikipedians of the Gujarati Wikipedia, who can help you in the creation! --Andrijko Z. ૧૩:૨૮, ૯ જાન્યુઆરી ૨૦૧૧ (UTC)

Please HELP[ફેરફાર કરો]

Hi. I am Vaibhav Jain. I have contact you to inform you that we have open a new Sanskrit Wikipedia Embassy and need users who can help new users in languages other than Sanskrit. It will not take much of your time. Please inform me on my English userpage if you are interested. Vibhijain ૧૧:૩૧, ૨૫ એપ્રિલ ૨૦૧૧ (UTC)

An Invite to join the Wikimedia India Chapter[ફેરફાર કરો]

Wikimedia India logo
- - - - - - - - - - - - Wikimedia India Chapter - - - - - - - - - - - -
Hi Spundun,

Greetings from the Wikimedia India Chapter !

Wikimedia India is an autonomous non-profit organization. The objective of the Chapter is to educate Indian public about availability and use of free and open educational content and build capacity to access and contribute to such resources in various Indian languages and in English. It works in coordination with Wikimedia Foundation and the Wikipedian community to promote building and sharing of knowledge through Wikimedia projects.

As you have shown an interest in articles related to India we thought you might be interested in knowing about the Wikimedia India chapter, its activities, volunteering and process to gain membership to the society. We need your help.

More details can be found at Our Blog Our Wiki
We welcome you to join and particpate in the India Chapter's activites. To join the chapter please click here. We thank you for your your contributions thus far and look forward to your continued participation.

On behalf of the Wikimedia India chapter.

--Naveenpf ૦૭:૫૯, ૬ નવેમ્બર ૨૦૧૧ (UTC)

Hi, We are planning to conduct WikiAcademies across India. Can you please help to translate the Wiki Academy Brochure ? [૪] . Please feel free to mail @ naveenpf at wikimedia dot in --Naveenpf ૦૭:૫૯, ૬ નવેમ્બર ૨૦૧૧ (UTC)

username upsurtion[ફેરફાર કરો]

Hi, i am mayur a hindi wikipedian, can you please vacate a user name Mayur by renaming this to Mayur1 and Mayurbot to Mayur so as to have a global account for me, this user is not active since a long time and since i have already claimed Mayur named account in nearly all wikimedia project, Thanks in advance--Mayurbot ૧૧:૩૫, ૧૬ નવેમ્બર ૨૦૧૧ (UTC)

આમંત્રણ[ફેરફાર કરો]

સ્પંદનજી, સૌ પ્રથમ તો વિકીપીડિયા ગુજરાતી ના શરુઆતી કાળમાં આપના યોગદાનો ખૂબ જ સુંદર રહ્યાં છે તે બદ્દલ ખૂબ ખૂબ અભિનંદન. આ અભિનંદન ખૂબ મોડા આપું છું, પણ માને લાગ્યું હતું કે આપ હવે સક્રીય નથી. જે હોય તે પણ ધવલ ભાઈના ચર્ચા પત્ર પર તમારી ટિપ્પણી જોઈને આનંદ થયો. અને માટે જ તમારો સંપર્ક કર્યો. ટેસ્ટ ક્રિકેટમાં ઈનીંગ્સ હોય છે તેમ વિકીપીડિયા પર બીજી ઈનીંગ માં જોડાવવા આપને નિમંત્રુ છું. ભાષા સમૃદ્ધિના આ યજ્ઞમાં આપનો સાથ ફરી મળી રહે તો મઝા પડી જાય. --sushant ૦૭:૦૬, ૧૯ નવેમ્બર ૨૦૧૧ (UTC)

Username usurpation[ફેરફાર કરો]

I am deepak@ml.wikipedia . I want to create SUL at Gujarati wikipedia conformation link:http://ml.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=%E0%B4%89%E0%B4%AA%E0%B4%AF%E0%B5%8B%E0%B4%95%E0%B5%8D%E0%B4%A4%E0%B4%BE%E0%B4%B5%E0%B4%BF%E0%B4%A8%E0%B5%8D%E0%B4%B1%E0%B5%86_%E0%B4%B8%E0%B4%82%E0%B4%B5%E0%B4%BE%E0%B4%A6%E0%B4%82%3ADeepak&diff=1205619&oldid=1202403 -- ૦૪:૦૮, ૧૮ માર્ચ ૨૦૧૨ (UTC)

Changing username[ફેરફાર કરો]

Hello and Sat Sri Akaal! I don't know the language so requesting here. I'm changing my username globally to "itarbuttar" as per the meta request. Please check to verify and rename and oblige. Thanks a lot. --TariButtar (talk) ૧૯:૦૮, ૭ નવેમ્બર ૨૦૧૨ (IST) {{subst:cdw|શ્રેણી:ભારત}} ૧૦:૧૯, ૨૯ ડિસેમ્બર ૨૦૧૨ (IST)

Your inactive bureaucrat and sysop flags[ફેરફાર કરો]

Hello. Are you still interested in being a bureaucrat and a sysop here? You have been inactive here after 2011-11-18.--Jusjih (talk) ૧૬:૨૪, ૩૧ ડિસેમ્બર ૨૦૧૨ (IST)


વિક્રમ સારાભાઈ[ફેરફાર કરો]

દૂર કરવા વિનંતી વિક્રમ સારાભાઈ has been listed at વિકિપીડિયા:દૂર કરવા વિનંતી so that the community can discuss whether it should be kept or not. We would appreciate it if you could go to voice your opinion about this at its entry.

If you created this image, please note that the fact that it has been proposed for deletion does not necessarily mean that we do not value your kind contribution. It simply means that one person believes that there is some specific problem with it, such as a copyright issue. If the file is up for deletion because it has been superseded by a superior derivative of your work, consider the notion that although the file may be deleted, your hard work (which we all greatly appreciate) lives on in the new file.
In all cases, please do not take the deletion request personally. It is never intended as such. Thank you! ૧૩:૫૦, ૧૫ સપ્ટેમ્બર ૨૦૧૩ (IST)

સીદીસૈયદની જાળી[ફેરફાર કરો]

દૂર કરવા વિનંતી સીદીસૈયદની જાળી has been listed at વિકિપીડિયા:દૂર કરવા વિનંતી so that the community can discuss whether it should be kept or not. We would appreciate it if you could go to voice your opinion about this at its entry.

If you created this image, please note that the fact that it has been proposed for deletion does not necessarily mean that we do not value your kind contribution. It simply means that one person believes that there is some specific problem with it, such as a copyright issue. If the file is up for deletion because it has been superseded by a superior derivative of your work, consider the notion that although the file may be deleted, your hard work (which we all greatly appreciate) lives on in the new file.
In all cases, please do not take the deletion request personally. It is never intended as such. Thank you! ૧૭:૧૪, ૨૧ ઓકટોબર ૨૦૧૩ (IST)

ઉપરોક્ત દૂર કરવાની વિનંતી સ્પામ છે એની નોંધ લેવા વિનંતી --KartikMistry (talk) ૧૭:૪૩, ૨૧ ઓકટોબર ૨૦૧૩ (IST)

आपके प्रबंधक अधिकार[ફેરફાર કરો]

नमस्कार। मैं एक स्टूअर्ड हूँ। हालही में समुदाय मतैक्य से प्रबंधक और प्रशासक जैसे "उन्नत अधिकारों" को हटाने के सम्बन्ध में एक नई नीति लागू की गई है। इस नीति अनुसार, जिन विकियों पर असक्रियता सम्बन्धी कोई नीति नहीं है, उनपर स्टूअर्ड प्रबंधकों की सक्रियता की जाँच कर रहे हैं।

आप hiwiktionary पर, जहाँ आप एक प्रबंधक और प्रशासक हैं, असक्रियता के मानदंडों के अंतर्गत आते हैं (दो वर्ष से अधिक समय से कोई सम्पादन एवं लॉग कार्य नहीं)। चूँकि hiwiktionary पर प्रबंधन अधिकारों की समीक्षा की कोई नीति नहीं है, वैश्विक नीति लागू होती है।

यदि आप अपने अधिकार रखना चाहते हैं तो आप समुदाय को सूचित करें कि आपको स्टूअर्डों ने असक्रियता सम्बंधित ये सूचना भेजी है। आपके समुदाय की चर्चा के बाद, यदि समुदाय चाहता है कि आपके अधिकार आपके पास रहें, तो कृपया स्टूअर्डों से स्टूअर्ड सूचनापट पर संपर्क करें। वहाँ स्थानीय विकि समुदाय की चर्चा का लिंक दें जिसमें समुदाय ने आपके अधिकारों का समर्थन किया हो, और साथ ही इन अधिकारों की आवश्यकता के कारण का विवरण दें।

प्रतिक्रियाओं की जाँच हम स्टूअर्ड करेंगे। यदि लगभग एक महीने के बाद तक भी कोई प्रतिक्रिया नहीं आती है तो हम आपके प्रबंधनीय अधिकार वापिस ले लेंगे। निर्णय में शंका की स्थिति होने पर हम प्रतिक्रियाएँ देखेंगे, निर्णय पुनः स्थानीय विकि समुदाय के चर्चा करने हेतु छोड़ेंगे और समीक्षा करेंगे। यदि आपके कोई भी प्रश्न हैं तो कृपया स्टूअर्ड सूचनापट पर हमसे संपर्क करें।

भवदीय, Rschen7754 ૧૦:૪૯, ૧૭ જુલાઇ ૨૦૧૪ (IST)

Broken/આજનું ચિત્ર[ફેરફાર કરો]

દૂર કરવા વિનંતી Broken/આજનું ચિત્ર ની નોંધણી વિકિપીડિયા:દૂર કરવા વિનંતી પર થયેલી છે એટલે સૌ વિકિમિત્રો તેને રાખવા કે હટાવવા વિશે ચર્ચા કરશે. જો તમે તેની નોંધણીના પાને જઈ અને તમારૂં મંતવ્ય જણાવશો તો અમે તેની યોગ્ય મુલવણી કરી શકીશું.

જો તમે આ લેખ કે ચિત્ર બનાવ્યું હોય તો, કૃપયા એ વાસ્તવિકતાની નોંધ લો કે આની દૂર કરવા માટેની નોંધણી થયાનો અર્થ એવો નથી કે અમને તમારા સદ્ભાવપૂર્ણ સહયોગની કદર નથી. તેનો સરળ અર્થ એટલો જ છે કે કોઈ એક વ્યક્તિ એમ માને છે કે આમાં કોઈક ચોક્કસ, જેમ કે પ્રકાશનાધિકાર વગેરે જેવી, સમસ્યા છે. જો આ વિષયનો અન્ય લેખ અહીં હાજર હોવાને કારણે આ લેખ દૂર કરાતો હશે તો, તમારી મહેનત (જેની અમે સૌ ખૂબ જ કદર કરીએ છીએ) એળે નહિ જાય. એનો ઉપસ્થિત લેખમાં યોગ્ય રીતે સમાવેશ કરાશે.
સઘળી અવસ્થામાં, કૃપયા આ દૂર કરવાની વિનંતીને અંગતપણે ન લેશો. આ જરાય એવા હેતુપૂર્વક કરેલું નથી. ધન્યવાદ !

NicWarren (talk) ૦૯:૫૯, ૧૮ નવેમ્બર ૨૦૧૪ (IST)

ઢાંચો:Link FA[ફેરફાર કરો]

દૂર કરવા વિનંતી ઢાંચો:Link FA ની નોંધણી વિકિપીડિયા:દૂર કરવા વિનંતી પર થયેલી છે એટલે સૌ વિકિમિત્રો તેને રાખવા કે હટાવવા વિશે ચર્ચા કરશે. જો તમે તેની નોંધણીના પાને જઈ અને તમારૂં મંતવ્ય જણાવશો તો અમે તેની યોગ્ય મુલવણી કરી શકીશું.

જો તમે આ લેખ કે ચિત્ર બનાવ્યું હોય તો, કૃપયા એ વાસ્તવિકતાની નોંધ લો કે આની દૂર કરવા માટેની નોંધણી થયાનો અર્થ એવો નથી કે અમને તમારા સદ્ભાવપૂર્ણ સહયોગની કદર નથી. તેનો સરળ અર્થ એટલો જ છે કે કોઈ એક વ્યક્તિ એમ માને છે કે આમાં કોઈક ચોક્કસ, જેમ કે પ્રકાશનાધિકાર વગેરે જેવી, સમસ્યા છે. જો આ વિષયનો અન્ય લેખ અહીં હાજર હોવાને કારણે આ લેખ દૂર કરાતો હશે તો, તમારી મહેનત (જેની અમે સૌ ખૂબ જ કદર કરીએ છીએ) એળે નહિ જાય. એનો ઉપસ્થિત લેખમાં યોગ્ય રીતે સમાવેશ કરાશે.
સઘળી અવસ્થામાં, કૃપયા આ દૂર કરવાની વિનંતીને અંગતપણે ન લેશો. આ જરાય એવા હેતુપૂર્વક કરેલું નથી. ધન્યવાદ !

KartikMistry (talk) ૦૯:૦૯, ૪ માર્ચ ૨૦૧૫ (IST)

ઢાંચો:Nonprofit[ફેરફાર કરો]

દૂર કરવા વિનંતી ઢાંચો:Nonprofit ની નોંધણી વિકિપીડિયા:દૂર કરવા વિનંતી પર થયેલી છે એટલે સૌ વિકિમિત્રો તેને રાખવા કે હટાવવા વિશે ચર્ચા કરશે. જો તમે તેની નોંધણીના પાને જઈ અને તમારૂં મંતવ્ય જણાવશો તો અમે તેની યોગ્ય મુલવણી કરી શકીશું.

જો તમે આ લેખ કે ચિત્ર બનાવ્યું હોય તો, કૃપયા એ વાસ્તવિકતાની નોંધ લો કે આની દૂર કરવા માટેની નોંધણી થયાનો અર્થ એવો નથી કે અમને તમારા સદ્ભાવપૂર્ણ સહયોગની કદર નથી. તેનો સરળ અર્થ એટલો જ છે કે કોઈ એક વ્યક્તિ એમ માને છે કે આમાં કોઈક ચોક્કસ, જેમ કે પ્રકાશનાધિકાર વગેરે જેવી, સમસ્યા છે. જો આ વિષયનો અન્ય લેખ અહીં હાજર હોવાને કારણે આ લેખ દૂર કરાતો હશે તો, તમારી મહેનત (જેની અમે સૌ ખૂબ જ કદર કરીએ છીએ) એળે નહિ જાય. એનો ઉપસ્થિત લેખમાં યોગ્ય રીતે સમાવેશ કરાશે.
સઘળી અવસ્થામાં, કૃપયા આ દૂર કરવાની વિનંતીને અંગતપણે ન લેશો. આ જરાય એવા હેતુપૂર્વક કરેલું નથી. ધન્યવાદ !

કાર્તિક મિસ્ત્રી ચર્ચા ૧૧:૧૦, ૧ નવેમ્બર ૨૦૧૫ (IST)

ધરૉઈ[ફેરફાર કરો]

દૂર કરવા વિનંતી ધરૉઈ ની નોંધણી વિકિપીડિયા:દૂર કરવા વિનંતી પર થયેલી છે એટલે સૌ વિકિમિત્રો તેને રાખવા કે હટાવવા વિશે ચર્ચા કરશે. જો તમે તેની નોંધણીના પાને જઈ અને તમારૂં મંતવ્ય જણાવશો તો અમે તેની યોગ્ય મુલવણી કરી શકીશું.

જો તમે આ લેખ કે ચિત્ર બનાવ્યું હોય તો, કૃપયા એ વાસ્તવિકતાની નોંધ લો કે આની દૂર કરવા માટેની નોંધણી થયાનો અર્થ એવો નથી કે અમને તમારા સદ્ભાવપૂર્ણ સહયોગની કદર નથી. તેનો સરળ અર્થ એટલો જ છે કે કોઈ એક વ્યક્તિ એમ માને છે કે આમાં કોઈક ચોક્કસ, જેમ કે પ્રકાશનાધિકાર વગેરે જેવી, સમસ્યા છે. જો આ વિષયનો અન્ય લેખ અહીં હાજર હોવાને કારણે આ લેખ દૂર કરાતો હશે તો, તમારી મહેનત (જેની અમે સૌ ખૂબ જ કદર કરીએ છીએ) એળે નહિ જાય. એનો ઉપસ્થિત લેખમાં યોગ્ય રીતે સમાવેશ કરાશે.
સઘળી અવસ્થામાં, કૃપયા આ દૂર કરવાની વિનંતીને અંગતપણે ન લેશો. આ જરાય એવા હેતુપૂર્વક કરેલું નથી. ધન્યવાદ !

કાર્તિક મિસ્ત્રી ચર્ચા ૨૩:૪૩, ૫ જાન્યુઆરી ૨૦૧૬ (IST)